Learn the secrets for moving from constantly battling stress and overwhelm to become an exceptional leader by consistently leading with calm, clarity and confidence.

Thriving elevates leadership impact

Our unique leadership coaching and team development programs tap into the pioneering Be Well Lead Well Pulse® assessment system and resources to help leaders become their best at work and personally. You are human, not a robot. As a leader, you constantly deal with change, complexity and uncertainty. Working harder brings you and your team to the brink of burnout. You have too many plates spinning and aren’t at your best for your team, your family or yourself.

Manage your stress no matter what comes at you!

Have a powerful, positive impact on others.

Earn a good living, have a good life and do meaningful work.

Your leadership style is contagious. Is it spreading through your team like wildfire in a drought? Or is it a beacon of light guiding others?

Lead and thrive through even the most complex, volatile, uncertain times.

In your personal Lead Well, Be Well, Do Well journey you will:

  • Discover your leadership style, motivations and needs at work.
  • Explore ways to bring your “best self” as a leader for impact and high performance.
  • Align your values, purpose and vision to your work and your life.
  • Reveal where you are today in six critical dimensions of wellbeing.
  • Access a wealth of resources to reduce stress, increase health and appreciate life.
  • Learn how to take these tools and insights to continue in life-long thriving.
  • Receive guidance throughout this journey with a certified leadership coach.

Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Framework

This pioneering assessment system combines over three decades of leadership development experience with the latest research about human thriving. Applying insights from the Be Well Lead Well Pulse® helps leaders to grow internal balance, resilience and wellbeing. Top leaders create vibrant cultures. Be Well Lead Well Pulse® is the only instrument that provides you, as the leader, the opportunity to explore tremendous resources for these 6 dimensions of thriving:

THRIVING: Evaluate your overall wellbeing today and in the future, as well as your ability to restore your wellbeing when you face difficulties or get off track.

FUEL: Proactively use your diet, physical movement, breath, and rest as tools for a sustained, balanced source of physical, emotional, and mental energy.

FLOW: Be in the zone; enjoy times when you bring mindfulness and your full presence to life and work. You are intrinsically rewarded with energy, enjoyment, and a richer sense of how life unfolds with effortlessness and ease.

WONDER: Evolve worldviews through engaging in new experiences and challenges, embracing differences, and perceiving the beauty around you.

WISDOM: Tap into your inner greatness-the worthwhile purpose, higher vision, and innate genius to guide yourself and others toward inspired impact.

THRIVING AMPLIFIED™ Bring forth more of your leadership potential to energize people, maximize their growth and capabilities, and cultivate a thriving work environment.

What’s possible in YOUR life after you discover and apply ways to Lead Well, Be Well and Do Well?

When you feel stressed or depleted, you disengage and lack the energy, clear-headedness, emotional strength, and mental capacity to make the best decisions for yourself and your organization. Applying your personal insights from the Lead Well, Be Well and Do Well program will enable you to:

Become more energized. Boost your energy for better performance by tapping into secrets of wellbeing.

Experience greater confidence, calm and clarity. Discover how to ride the waves with ease by tapping into simple methods to manage stress and uncertainty.

Foster a thriving work culture. Thriving leaders set the tone for people to come together with trust and collaboration rather than reactivity and toxicity.

Elevate your leadership and your life forever. Use these tools and insights to tap into your potential and an inspired purpose to create an extraordinary life.

Interested in a group leadership and development journey?

We also offer group sessions with a combination of individual and team coaching and development aligned to your team’s priorities. Contact us to find out more about having a program designed for your team.

“Through this coaching experience I made great progress personally and professionally. I have greater influence at work and have set aside creative writing and thinking time. I’ve also started running again, which ignites my brain. I highly recommend this amazing program!”
-Global NFP Leader

True leadership transformation requires transformation from within.

Be Well Lead Well Pulse® gives leaders insights to consciously lead from a foundation of inner balance and wellbeing. Rather than operate on autopilot, they return to wellbeing whenever they get overstressed or off track, and empower thriving within organizations and communities.

“Effective leaders embrace our increasingly complex times with a new consciousness & capacity to thrive.”

-Renee Moorefield, PhD, CEO, Wisdom Works and creator of the Be Well Lead Well Pulse®

Looking for more?

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