The TOTAL Experience

The Sustainability Leadership Series is a unique learning experience that has a TOTAL approach for understanding the technical aspects of sustainability as well as building the leadership and organizational capabilities that turn strategy into reality with long-term benefits.


Learn about technical aspects of sustainability such as carbon footprinting, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), Cradle-to-Cradle design, green building, conservation, alternative energy options, waste reduction, recycling and how to green your supply/value chain.


Discover ways to create a culture of innovation, engagement and empowerment to build capacity and to make sustainability part of the fabric of the organization.


Apply models and approaches to put in place right away to help assess where you are, develop plans for action, measure results and apply a whole-systems approach for change.


Experiential learning is used to build knowledge, skills, and capabilities needed to transfer information, models and best practices into reality. In addition to hearing from subject matter experts, you also apply learning in ways important to you.


Through this educational series, you will identify and develop competencies that are important for you to successfully lead sustainability initiatives and influence those around you.