Lead Through Turbulent Times

Resilient Leadership

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Discover ways to lead your organization through crisis to adapt to changing circumstances, protect its most valuable assets and emerge even stronger.

Building a Resilient Organization: What leaders need to do in times of crisis to survive, stabilize and thrive again

Agility and resiliency are critical to helping you find ways to survive and stabilize so your organization can thrive again.  Every storm will pass.  It’s the work you do in the midst of the storm that will position your organization and your people to come through this, perhaps even stronger than before.  Your ability to mobilize and inspire your talent becomes a critical aspect of survival.  Your decisions and actions determine whether your people will be an asset or a liability. This requires quickly developing and adapting a new operating model to avoid derailers that can cause business failure.

While recessions impact most organizations, an HBR study found that while 17% did not survive the 2008-09 recession and many struggled to get to their pre-recession levels, 9% of companies flourished after a slowdown.  What did these leaders and companies do differently that you can learn from? They ensured agility and resiliency by adapting multi-pronged strategies that went beyond cost-cutting.  They found ways for their organizations and their people to adapt to and even embrace the changing and uncertain environment.

Leading through ChangeVirtual Workshop Opportunity!!!!

The Leading in Crisis 90-minute workshop is being offered at a discounted rate for a limited time period along with complimentary leadership behavioral profile assessments.

 Leading through Change addresses two of the most critical parts of a business during a downturn: strategy and workforce. Through this virtual workshop, you’ll learn a framework for building your way back to stability and gain access to objective data so you can confidently address critical business decisions fast. You’ll come away from this session ready to align your business strategy with your available workforce by identifying priorities, sources of misalignment, knowing your strengths, and unfreezing your workforce.  Download the Leading through Change workshop description and contact us to learn more.

Team Building Through Change

Team Building Through Change tackles issues for critical teams in an adapting organization. In the midst of unprecedented change, success depends on team performance and your ability to do more with less, navigate complex emotions, and lead with confidence despite uncertainty. This virtual workshop helps you adapt and build strong teams through crisis by using objective methods to adapt team dynamics, relaunch teams, and unlock collaboration through complex and sudden changes.  Download the Team Building Through Change workshop description and contact us to learn more and find out about current virtual workshop discounts.

Managing a Virtual Workforce

According to research by Global Workplace Analytics, approximately 56% of the U.S. workforce have jobs at least partially compatible with remote work.  Yet prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, only 3.6% of the country’s employees work from home half the time or more.  The 2020 pandemic may have dramatically accelerated this trend, resulting in an estimated 25% – 30% of employees working at home multiple days per week within the next two years.  Download this complimentary e-book to learn more about some of the trends contributing to the rise of the virtual workforce, challenges in managing remote teams and ways to achieve high-performing, engaged virtual teams.