The quality of your speaker can set the tone for your entire conference or workshop. Diana is an experienced consultant and speaker who brings years of expertise to the table. Diana’s presentations are dynamic, practical and engaging, and will give your audience skills they can put to use immediately.  Presentations include topics on strategy, leadership, transformation and culture and are tailored to each audience. Presentations may be for keynotes, interactive workshops or highly-focused leadership or team sessions.

Some of Diana’s most popular topics are:

Align Your Strategy and Culture

Your strategy doesn’t execute itself!  You need great strategy AND the right culture.  Most business strategies lack a true people and culture strategy.  Discover how to align your culture to your strategy to achieve outstanding results and create a company people are proud to work for. 

Three Keys to Culture Transformation

Discover the three keys to create and transform the culture your organization needs to deliver on your strategy.  Learn how to turn these keys to unlock the powerful impact your culture can have on your business.

Align Your Leadership Team

Break down functional silos and personal agendas.  A fractured leadership team cascades turmoil through the organization wreaking tsunami-like havoc to your businessand your culture.  Learn how to align your leaders to create a cohesive, high-performance leadership team in ways that bring success to the entire organization.  Discover ways to develop your leaders while you are aligning them as one team.

Create a Magnetic Workplace

Go beyond addressing isolated symptoms of high turnover, low applicant flow and poor performance.  The Magnetic Workplace Assessment allows you to quickly identify and prioritize areas of opportunity for your business.  Discover how to attract, engage, retain and deploy top talent to achieve top results. 

Leadership and Wellbeing

As organizations navigate constant change and strive for greater agility and resilience, wellbeing has been recognized as critical to effective leadership.  Enhancing leadership wellbeing brings the potential to ignite and engage people, and create an environment where they and the organization thrive.  Discover six science-backed dimensions of wellbeing powered by the Be Well Lead Well ®. assessment system and programs for leaders, teams and organizations.  

Diana can help you:

  • Decide which topics will make the most sense given your audience and particular goals.
  • Understand the challenges you are facing and craft a presentation or workshop that will address solutions.
  • Design virtual interactive workshops and presentations as an alternative to in-person sessions.
  • Address any logistical concerns prior to the conference or workshop.
  • Provide all necessary media tools such as a professional headshot, bio and promotional video.

What her clients are saying…

“The best thing about Diana’s program are the actionable, strategic smart strategies to get your business to the next level.”

CEO, Marketing Company

“She just has a presence on stage that is just remarkable.  It’s really relatable, professional with great advice and lovely energy.  Really enjoyed her presentation today.” 

Senior Sales Executive