Grow: Align Your Strategy

Do we have a real strategy or just a list of goals? Will our strategy stand up to the dynamic forces at work in today’s business climate? Do we truly know what our customers need and want? What about our employees? Can they get behind this strategy and implement it?

We will help you examine the forces at play and create and implement focused strategies for sustainable, prosperous growth. Our methods prompt you to consider scenarios and create flexible strategies to anticipate and withstand shifting environments. We engage key internal and external stakeholders to obtain input, spark creativity, break down old mindsets and create coalitions for change.

Perhaps you already have a strategy yet are struggling to achieve results. Or you may be wondering if you have the right leaders, capabilities, structure and culture in place. We can help you align your business strategy with a talent strategy so your leaders and people are positioned to take action and be accountable to perform and achieve results.

Our strategy solutions include:

  • Strategic Planning: We will work with you to develop a focused strategic plan that you can implement and sustain. Our process will help you uncover rich insights about your customers, people, culture, business environment and key stakeholders.
  • Aligning strategy and leaders: We can assess how well aligned your leaders are with your strategic priorities as well as where you have leadership capabilities to execute on your most important goals. With this rich data, you can take action to close leadership gaps and ensure all are on board.
  • Creating a Talent Strategy: You cannot succeed without the right leaders, people, culture and structure in place. We work with you to create a talent strategy to ensure you can successfully execute your business strategy.
  • Aligning Mission, Vision and Values: A good strategy should be tightly aligned with the right mission, vision and organizational values. We can help you to create these or update them and ensure they are aligned with your strategy.
  • Workshops and Keynotes: Our workshops and keynote presentations are customized for your audience and specific needs. We can show you how to develop strategies, execute them and align your business strategy with a talent strategy.

Discover how our Strategic Alignment solutions can help you assess how well your leaders are aligned with and committed to your strategy and where you have leadership gaps to address.

Contact us to discuss your business strategy and talent strategy needs and challenges and learn how we can help.