Diana Rivenburgh Speaks

Engage: Align Your People

Are our people really doing their best at work? What do our customers experience? How can we inspire them to do more and be accountable for results? Do our leaders know what matters to their people?

Your strategy can only be achieved through people. Are your people fully committed to deliver their best ideas and efforts to your business and your customers? Research shows that nearly two-thirds of all employees are not highly engaged in their work. Yet high engagement is needed to spark innovation, deliver customer service, protect your brand and assets and profitably grow your business.

We can help you to assess how engaged your people are and what factors are driving or hindering engagement. Beyond assessment, we work with your leaders to understand just what motivates each person and how they can enhance engagement to inspire every individual to bring their best to work.

Our engagement solutions include:

  • Assessing employee engagement: Using proven employee experience assessments you will learn just what factors are motivating your people and which are getting in the way.
  • Developing engagement strategies: We work with your leaders to show them how to take the rich assessment data to speak with their people and identify just what to do to begin to enhance engagement immediately.
  • Facilitating workshops: Our workshops provide your managers and leaders with practical insights and tools to understand engagement and ways to bring greater inspiration and commitment to their teams.
  • Presenting keynotes: Our keynote presentations raise awareness of the strategic value of engagement and how leaders can make a difference.

Discover how our Employee Experience solutions can help you assess and positively impact employee engagement.

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