Thrive: Align Thriving Cultures

We think we have the right strategy, but do we have the right culture in place to achieve it? Where do we have strengths and gaps? How is this impacting our business? How do we even start to change culture?

Strategy isn’t enough. And, you can’t achieve a new strategy with the old culture. You need the right culture in place with value-driven people who are committed and accountable to deliver results. We can help you to assess and create the culture you need to thrive with people analytics and proven transformation practices.

You can’t mandate culture change. Our deep expertise in building thriving cultures shows you how to achieve higher, sustainable results by having the right culture in place. Our Lead + Engage + Align model will take you through the process of strengthening leaders, engaging your people and aligning your management practices to create the thriving culture you need.

Our culture solutions include:

  • Assessing your culture: Using proven culture assessments you will discover the strengths and gaps in your culture, how these vary by department, location or leader AND how they are impacting your business.
  • Defining your desired culture: We work with the CEO and leaders to define the right cultural attributes for success in your organization and show you where you have strengths and gaps.
  • Transforming culture: Our Lead + Engage + Align model for culture transformation shows leaders the steps they need to take to transform culture through their own leadership, by engaging their people and aligning management practices.
  • Facilitating workshops: Our workshops provide your managers and leaders with practical insights and tools to understand the impact culture has on your business and how they can foster the right cultural attributes.
  • Presenting keynotes: Our keynote presentations demonstrate how important culture is and how to achieve the attributes you want and need to have in your organization.

Contact us to discover how our Culture Transformation solutions can help you assess and positively impact employee engagement.