Why work with us?

Your business problems have people solutions. We bring pragmatic solutions and science-based analytics to drive performance and build the organization you need for enduring success. We can help you create practices to assess, select, develop and retain talent to achieve results, strengthen leaders and teams and foster thriving, engaged cultures.


Transform: Align To Change

Are you constantly faced with change? How will you make change that sticks? Should it be at once or in phases? Discover how to mobilize people around change in ways that engage your people, build capabilities, enhance the culture and create sustainable success.

Course Study

Perform: Align Your Talent

You analyze financial and business data; are you taking advantage of people data and analytics? Learn how science-based data attracts, selects and retains the best people for each role. Discover ways to develop, align and motivate your people.


Thrive: Align Thriving Cultures

Strategy isn’t enough. You also need the right culture in place with value-driven people who are committed and accountable to deliver results. Assess and create the culture you need to thrive with people analytics and proven transformation practices.

Diana Rivenburgh Speaks

Engage: Align Your People

Are your people fully committed to deliver their best ideas and efforts to your business and your customers? Your strategy can only be achieved through people. Learn how to assess and enhance engagement to inspire your people to bring their best selves to work.


Lead: Align Your Leaders

True leadership requires more than functional expertise. Discover how to select the right people to lead. And learn how we can help you to develop bold and cohesive leadership teams that perform and deliver results and positively shape your culture for enduring success.


Grow: Align Your Strategy

Will your strategy stand up to the dynamic forces at work in today’s business climate? Is your organization prepared to implement this strategy? We will help you examine the forces at play and create and implement strategies for sustainable, prosperous growth.