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The PI Behavioral Assessment™ is more than your standard-fare personality test. It identifies and categorizes workplace motivating drives to provide deep insights into the behaviors and motivations of your colleagues and employees. This source of unbiased insight drastically improves empathy, communication, and collaboration on your teams.

Partnering the PI Behavioral Assessment™ with PI’s Job Assessment™, and PIs Cognitive Assessment™ helps ensure you hire the right person for the job. Once you try this you will never want to hire any other way!

Align Your People With Your Strategy

The rich people data provided by the Predictive Index suite of solutions combined with world-class workshops and expert consultants can help you to attract, hire and retain the right people, build high-performing teams, develop strong leaders and foster thriving cultures, ultimately leading to achieving your organization’s most important strategic goals.

Do you have the right team to achieve your strategy?

Wouldn’t you really like to know:

  • If your leaders truly agree on strategic priorities (not just giving you lip service)?
  • How confident they are on achieving them (and where the risks are)?
  • If you have the leadership capabilities you need to actually achieve your strategic goals?

We can show you how to quickly and accurately measure each of these with truly unique Design assessments and reports from the Predictive Index. We will provide the CEO with a read-back and can help you best determine how to leverage your strengths and fill your gaps.

The PI Behavioral Assessment™ is a scientifically validated, free-choice, stimulus/response assessment that was created through a normative sample of thousands of people. Verified through 350+ criterion-related validity studies across almost all jobs and countries, this methodology is built to the standards of the American Psychological Association (APA), Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists (SIOP), and the International Test Commission (ITC). Assessments are available in more than 70 languages for global teams.

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