May 10 2011 - May 13 2011
Atlanta, GA

Prince of Wales Business and Sustainability Program

May 10 2011 - May 13 2011
Atlanta, GA

This exceptional global forum for sustainable business established in 1994 by HRH Prince of Wales and the University of Cambridge is acknowledged worldwide as a strategic forum for senior executives to explore leading-edge, innovative, high-impact and pragmatic approaches for leveraging profitability and sustainability.

The BSP's Senior Executive Seminars, which draw delegates from over 40 countries, are held annually in the UK, continental Europe, South Africa and the U.S.  Business delegates are typically CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Senior VPs, VPs and senior business unit leaders.  A small number of places on each seminar are reserved for senior representatives from the public sector and from not-for-profit organizations. The BSP encourages the embedding of sustainability into mainstream business and is therefore most suitable for delegates who have significant operational roles and responsibilities. The Seminars are not intended for corporate environmental experts or technical specialists in the field of sustainable development or CSR.  

Once executives have been through the seminar, they join an international network of alumni (now over 3000 executives globally).   Alumni are regularly invited to prestigious events, such as an annual reunion at Highgrove, HRH's private residence, the London Lecture (this year's keynote was Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE), and have access to peers, publications and other resources relevant for operationalizing sustainability in a business context. 

In May 2011 Atlanta will be hosting the BSP for the first time and I'm proud to be a part of the BSP Steering Committee.   The Coca-Cola Company, GE, The Home Depot, PepsiCo, Rolls Royce NA, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Boeing are among the leading companies that have agreed to participate by sending a number of senior delegates.

Seminar Topics

Seminar content is constantly evolving to keep pace with the changing context and to respond to the increasing sophistication and complexity of delegate needs. The following are likely to be some of the key areas of focus for the Atlanta seminar:

Confronting the challenges: Roadmaps from coal and oil, achieving sustainable transportation, infrastructure, agriculture and consumption 
Innovation and change: Sustainability as a driver for innovation and success through rethinking revenue models, business processes, technologies, research, IP and collaboration
Equity and Social Justice:  The implications for and the role of business in the context of increasingly inequitable societies

Leadership: From ‘business as usual’ to ‘business as breakthrough’ addressing pragmatic dilemmas while also taking the leadership position for the necessary paradigm-shifts
The Next Economy: The role of business in shaping policy and markets to achieve a sustainable economy 

More information can also be obtained by viewing the attached program brochure and faculty biographies or by visiting  or by contacting Diana Rivenburgh. 

Faculty Biographies.pdf  BSP Brochure Autumnn 2010.pdf

Diana Rivenburgh is representing Strategic Imperatives as a member of a steering committee formed to provide input on the program and encourage participation.  This is not a program that has been created by Strategic Imperatives, nor do we derive any financial benefit from it.  We are promoting it because we believe it has much to offer in fostering leadership in sustainability and that participation in the program can bring great benefits to any organization.