Leadership Team Alignment Requires this Foundational Element

At a recent client offsite with a senior leadership team, I asked these leaders to consider how often they readily “assume positive intent” about the words or actions of another. These executives share similar drives of wanting to have influence over people and events. In essence, they all like to be in charge. Their bias for action and their agility helps them to move quickly, qualities that served their organization well as they navigated through uncertainty and disruption when Covid-19 upended the world as we knew it.

They continue to zig and zag and leap over unprecedented obstacles. Despite similarities in styles, every person has unique qualities. These leaders have sufficient differences which help them balance on another, but also periodically cause friction and misalignment.

How Often Do You Assume Positive Intent?

Assuming positive intent requires trust. And trust is the critical foundational element for any high-performing, aligned team. We may disagree on how to accomplish something, or you may want more details than I need, or I may feel totally comfortable taking a risk that makes you tremble.

The best path forward comes from first assuming positive intent. When trust is present, you can talk about your different perspectives and ideas, and you can respectfully disagree. You don’t feel the need to take your worries and criticism to others to vent or for validation. You remain open to talking through differences to find the best solution you can at that point in time. You may end up simply agreeing to disagree. Yet both will at least feel heard and respected, rather than dismissed and ignored.

The next time you find yourself jumping to assign motivation to another’s words or actions, take a moment to reflect rather than react. First, assume positive intent. Then openly explore one another’s perspectives. You will not only surface better ideas; you will build trust and strengthen relationships and alignment of your team.

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