Diana Rivenburgh Signs Book Contract

September 29, 2012


AMACOM offers contract for Rivenburgh’s forthcoming book on the new corporate facts of life.

(Atlanta, GA) Diana Rivenburgh, CEO and President of Strategic Imperatives, Inc. and AMACOM, a division of the American Management Association have signed a contract to publish Rivenburgh’s forthcoming book, “The New Corporate Facts of Life.” 


Society lies on the precipice of catalytic change fundamentally transforming how we live and work.  Driving forces such as disruptive innovation, globalization, environmental degradation and stakeholder influence are converging to render conventional business rules obsolete.  “The New Corporate Facts of Life,” outlines these and other interdependent forces while detailing the impact through features and interviews with numerous executives, university leaders, advocates and thought leaders around the world. 


Moving beyond the business case, the book serves as a resource, arming forward-thinking leaders with practical models and tools to seize and profit from opportunities arising in this period of catalytic change.  Readers will understand how to redefine their strategies and organizations to harness previously unimagined opportunities, build brand loyalty and engage their workforce.  In doing so, organizations achieve sustainable success that not only benefits the bottom line, but the world we live in.   


About Diana Rivenburgh

Diana Rivenburgh, the author of “The New Corporate Facts of Life,” serves as President and CEO of Strategic Imperatives, Inc.  Prior to establishing her first consulting firm in 2001, she held executive and management positions with Gartner, Gentiva Health Services, Olsten Corporation and NEC. 


About Strategic Imperatives

Strategic Imperatives is a strategy, leadership and organization change consulting firm helping to build sustainable, profitable organizations.  Strategic Imperatives works with clients to help companies build leading-edge strategies, develop strong leaders, transform cultures, and engage stakeholders.  For more information, please visit http://strategic-imperatives.com/.