The New Corporate Facts Of Life


Still myopically chasing quarterly profits, producing the same product the same way, issuing directives to increasingly disengaged employees? Too many organizations cling to outdated practices – to their detriment and almost certain demise.

In today’s unpredictable, interconnected world you cannot rely on the old rules of business to get stellar results.  The New Corporate Facts of Life charts a clear path through the obstacles facing all companies – disruptive innovation, economic instability, environmental degradation, increasing stakeholder power, and other global forces – explaining exactly how to transform each challenge into competitive advantage. 

Based on interviews with over 100 top executives and thought leaders, including Coca-Cola Enterprises CEO John Brock, Georgia Tech President G.P. “Bud” Peterson, and author Peter Senge, this Axiom Business Book Award winning book recounts how leading-edge companies have begun re-shaping strategy, culture, vision, engagement, and leadership to succeed in this brave new world.  Change is the only constant in business.  

Packed with inspiring stories and compelling examples, The New Corporate Facts of Life offers a bird’s-eye view of the shifting landscape and reveals how any organization, large or small, can begin creating a profitable, sustainable future.  

Read what others are saying about The New Corporate Facts of Life:

“True leaders… need to embrace it {change}.”

“Constant change is the new normal, and the 21st century business environment requires a new level of flexibility. True leaders can’t opt out of adapting and responding to change, they need to embrace it. ‘The New Corporate Facts of Life’ clearly lays out the demands of this new world and how to take advantage of the opportunities it provides.”

John Brock, Chairman & CEO, Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc.

“inspiring case studies that get right to the heart of what makes for success in this challenging world…”

“A solid, tried and tested framework for corporate sustainability; inspiring case studies, that get right to the heart of what makes for success in this challenging world; and lashings of practical common sense: that’s what you get with Diana Rivenburgh and her book, The New Corporate Facts of Life.”

Sir Jonathon Porritt, Co-Founder, Forum for the Future

“Diana demonstrates… how to create an environment that fosters a culture…”

“As leaders begin to rethink how they define ‘value’ at their organization, it’s critical to build a culture that embraces change, encourages debate, and engages a broad group of stakeholders. Diana demonstrates not only why these new skills are important, but also how to create an environment that fosters a culture that uses them to create a competitive advantage.”

Pamela Kimmet, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc.